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The Complexity of Shoulder Pain

Our shoulders are essential to almost all of our daily activities. Besides mobilizing our arms for work, and all things we need to do with our hands, the shoulder also provides important stabilization for the back in walking, running, and all forms of movement.

Shoulders are often unintentionally abused due to lack of knowledge about the mechanics of the shoulder. Overuse, improper lifting, tension in the neck and chest and/or weakness in the lower back, all can contribute to incorrect use of the shoulder, which could lead to painful and life-altering injury.

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body, as it moves in every range of motion, as opposed to most joints, which move in either one or two ranges.

• The shoulder girdle has a number of normal planes of motion. It abducts/adducts, flexes/extends, and rotates internally/externally at the glenohumeral joint. It also moves via motion through the connections to the scapula and clavicle.

Our shoulders need lots of love to be healthy, in full range of motion, and safe for our lifetime!

The unique modalities at Big Sun are perfect to provide long-term joint health and quick relief to your shoulder pain issues!

Types of shoulder issues we address: Ice-Scraper's Shoulder, Frozen Shoulder, Bicep Tendonitis, pain and numbness that radiates to the hand, and more!

Oftentimes shoulder issues are connected to issues in the upper back, neck and/or chest. Seeing a chiropractor or your doctor might not address the issue if it is connected to other areas of the body that are tight or stuck in a tension pattern. The unique holistic approach of Chinese Medicine assesses the entire system of the shoulder and how it relates to your overall movement and your quality of life.

Bryan has a unique skillset related to both chronic and acute issues in the shoulder. Check out our client testimonial related to frozen shoulder here:

You can book directly with Bryan easily online using this link:

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