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Back Massage

Bryan Broussard, ABT, LMT

Services Offered:

Asian Bodywork Therapy


Movement Therapy (Tinman Private Coaching)

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About Bryan

Bryan was born in Port Arthur, TX and came to Rapid City by way of Durham, NC in 2016. As a musician and skateboarder, he put his body through many hardships. When he then became a student of Filipino Martial Arts, he struggled with a bad back and inflexibility in his hips and sacrum. A career shift opened an opportunity to return to school and Bryan decided to certify in Texas in a 500 hr program at Texas Healing Arts. Through this first run in massage school, he was introduced to Asian Bodywork by his soon-to-be mentor, Devon Hornby of Tao Health Clinic, Austin, Texas. Bryan credits Asian Bodywork as the only modality that effectively changed his structural issues. He was hooked from that point, recognizing the power in resolving the root of pain issues which more traditional western modalities could not touch. From that time, Bryan has dedicated his energy to honing his craft as an ABT practitioner, developing his own method based off hundreds of years of ancient Chinese wisdom, as well as extensive research in breath work, body mechanics and physical manipulation modalities from various traditions. Bryan's motto is, "If it works, great! If not, keep it moving." Big Sun's focus on addressing structural issues as opposed to having a "feel good" session to relax the surface of the body-mind state, is what makes Bryan's modality unique and positions him now as sole owner of Big Sun and mentor to other practitioners in and out of our clinic. Call today to schedule a session for this uniquely effective therapy method.

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Please call Big Sun's mainline to schedule with Bryan. Currently booking Mondays-Fridays.


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