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Back Massage

Tracey Campos, LMT

Services Offered:

Traditional Swedish Massage with Structural Integration


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About Tracey

Tracey was born in Merced, CA. She was raised and currently resides in Rapid City, SD. Tracey graduated from Paul Mitchell's 700hr massage program and attained her certification in April 2021. Massage therapy has always been a passion for Tracey, who was raised by a single mom. A naturally caring and compassionate person from the beginning, Tracey stepped in to support her mom and four other siblings. Recognizing the physical toll of the many demands on her mom, she would intuitively help out by massaging her mom's back and neck to relieve recurring pain patterns. With family values inspiring her toward a strong work ethic, Tracey entered the workforce directly before graduating from high school. After becoming a mom herself, she decided to pursue her dream to become a massage therapist. Tracey was introduced to Bryan's method in the course of Paul Mitchell's massage school program; seeing him reset several ribs opened Tracey to the idea that therapeutic massage could resolve the root causes of chronic pain and fatigue like her mom experienced. Big Sun is excited to welcome Tracey into the modality. We look forward to providing our clients with long-term benefits as opposed to short-term relief with our unique combination of relaxation-based massage and structural therapy.

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Wednesday-Friday: 9am-4pm


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